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Conflict Resolution and High Risk Region Deployment Program


Our Personnel Risk Management and Conflict Resolution Program teaches intellectual and physical response to many potentially dangerous situations. Tactics of diffusement and strategies for neutralisation are as important on an intellectual level as they are in a physical sense.


By learning the advanced skill of threat recognition and assessment, conflict can be resolved with a minimum of danger. The graduate has a life skill that he or she can use outside of the arena of self preservation.


In dangerous situations it is the ability to think clearly and quickly, reaching a realistic strategic analysis, even whilst stressed, that is the difference between a victim or a survivor. This can only be achieved by an effective training regime. Our program will teach the analysis methodology necessary to reach this conclusion


Kidnap, Hijacking, carjacking and violent physical intervention are all situations face daily by international travellers to many of the countries currently visited by Australian corporate representatives. Would your team member even recognise the potential for danger in a given situation? Would they recognise a situation as it unfolds and have the strategies in place to stay safe? Or would they be like so many, potentially become a victim because they just didn’t know? The bottom line of a good program and the learning outcomes that emanate from the training is that the Team Member will recognise the situation for what it is, will have strategies in place and will be a safer and therefore more confidant traveller.


And the most important learning outcome? They will learn to believe they will SURVIVE. They will have learnt a range of skills that will help ensure survival when all else fails.

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