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Paul’s expertise and guidance to our healthcare business has been invaluable and a significant contribution to our risk management systems. His professional skills and expertise from the defence, business and security industries , together with his support and guidance  have made for a rare contribution to our executive team. 

His contribution extends beyond the risk and compliance systems and into our challenging physical environments, where we simultaneously provide permanent residential settings for frail aged,  in which complex nursing services are delivered 24/7.  I recommend Paul and Globaledge without hesitation, given the value of the expert advice and his support and leadership provided to the executive teams.

Rob Hutchison

McKenzie Aged Care Group


I have worked with Paul over a number of years and on several projects. I have always found him to be the consulate professional, with a good understanding of the needs of the Team he is working with.


Steve Jackson 

Qantas Group General Manager Security and Risk.



It gives me great pleasure to recommend Paul to any executive or global organisation that takes the security of its most valuable assets - people, very seriously. I cannot think of any person with the kind of insights into personal safety and risk assessment as Paul does. He is the consummate professional and a walking encyclopedia in international security matters, risk management and will empower you with survival tactics in any hostile environment.

Molebatsi Moagi

Managing Director at Centre for Supplier Development

(Molebatsi worked with Paul whilst Marketing Director with South African Airways)



Paul provides insightful and relevant security advice for our travellers, particularly for our executives and those travelling to high risk countries. His detailed briefings to groups and individuals are always well received

I would recommend him for any company which to wishes to ensure the protection of their employees when they travel.


Jason Brown

National Security Director Thales and Chairman of the Board at Security Professionals Australasia



I have had the privelige and pleasure of working with Paul on a number of sensitive and complex projects and am very pleased to be able to provide this endorsement. Paul is a consummate professional with decades of experience in business, leadership, risk management and security. He is also a person of great integrity as well as considerable wit and charm which makes each engagement with Paul a pleasure for anyone lucky enough to work with him. And last but not least by any means, Paul delivers great results.


Julian Talbot

CEO The Citadel Group

(I read, think and write about ideas that interest me and are likely to inspire and help others achieve their goals.

Julian was a client of Paul’s when he was a Senior Manager at Australian Trade Commission)


I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on several occasions as a Subject Matter Expert, providing assistance to me as a Course Designer. During these occasions, Paul has provided sound advice and counsel which has always expedited the course design process.

Shane Cassidy

Chief Instructor Military Combatives

(Shane worked with Paul at several different companies)


GlobalEdge is an Australian and UK based Company providing State of the Art Training Programs relating to Executive Leadership Training and Personal Safety, Security and Risk Assessment in hostile environments, either at home or abroad.

We also provide high-level training programs for the military and police in highly specialised areas of training

 We also provide high-level Leadership and Management Training in critical areas such as Analysis for Organisational development, Leadership Coaching and Workshops, Team Development and Integrated Leadership.

Some of the work undertaken in recent times has included:

GlobalEdge are retained as a consultant to several Australian and foreign government agencies to provide training in the area of travel to Hostile Regions.

  • We provide bespoke training to several large public corporations in Australia, Britain, France and Germany in the area of Personal Security both at home and in high-risk regions.

  • We are providing high-level training programs for the diplomatic and trade commission staff of a major Western ally for their staff working in Africa, India and Indonesia and the Americas’.

    • We have, for more than twenty-five years, provided extensive training to Special Forces in the United Kingdom.

    • We have, for the last fifteen years, provided physical training initiatives to the Royalty Protection Groups in both the UK and Japan, including organising and running training courses in protection drills for the security personnel


We provide bespoke training modules in the area of high-risk region deployment to several major banking corporations.

 We are a specialist training company working exclusively in the area of Leadership and Management Training and developing risk management, risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies for corporations and government agencies sending personnel into the high risk regions of the world, or wishing to implement risk mitigation strategies relating to Corporate IP.

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