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Profile: Paul WR Mitchell
Position: Managing Director

Paul’s skills lie in the areas of leading, managing and developing people.
Paul’s well-developed analytical skills have been applied in assisting
corporations determine the standard necessary to be competitive in the
market place, and individuals find their place in a competitive corporate world.

Paul has a high level of competency in coaching, public speaking, teaching and

Facilitating leadership groups find a level of performance that puts them at the forefront of international business.

Paul is an 8th Dan Black Belt in Karate and internationally recognised
master instructor, a qualification gained in Japan. Paul is head of a large
International Martial Arts/Training organisation with branches in 6

Profile: Rhett John Butler
Position: Operations Director

Military Service:
1970 - 1995 22nd SPECIAL AIR SERVICE REGT.
1986 - 1995 Counter Revolutionary Warfare Wing

Rhett is an internationally recognised expert in the areas of:
All aspects of bodyguard skills, range work, unarmed combat, defensive
driving, anti-ambush techniques and high speed driving.
Police Training - responsible for training the Royalty Protection Group,
SO19, Special Branch and various convert agencies.

Profile: Tom Beardsley
Position: Training Director

7th Dan Black Belt, in Karate and internationally recognised specialist in
Unarmed Combat Skills.

Experienced professional working with British Forces as an Unarmed
Combat Instructor and Training Advisor.

Responsible for the sole research, development and implementation of
specialised courses for The Royal Guards, Royal Protection Group and
Associated Specialist Organisations.

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